Monday 28 June 2021

Even The Honeybees Like Ground Elder Flowers.


We were sat watching the bees gathering pollen on some Ground Elder yesterday.  

Pernicious weeds that us gardeners are sometimes the bain of our lives  are also a source of food for bees and insects.

Perhaps we should treat our weeds like our cultivated garden plants and live with them?  Well some of them anyway.

Heads up:  It's  apparently a Buff tail Bumble Bee.  Not many people know that!🤔


  1. Most so-called "weeds" have a special beauty as your picture of the ground elder proves.

  2. Indeed they do YP. They are wildflowers that have chosen to live with our cultivated garden plants.

  3. It does have a very pretty flower. It would be good if it could be tamed 😉

  4. Very similar to the Elder tree but no relation apparently. It could probably be tamed in a plant pot.

  5. A buff tailed bumblebee. Delightful. How nice of you to cultivate it's favourite weed

  6. The Ground Elder grew itself Linda. I am starting to see wildflowers/weeds in a different light.


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