Sunday 5 September 2021

Classic Cars At Gougane Barra.

 We stopped off at Gougane Barra last Sunday on the way back from County Kerry.  It's a beautiful lakeside setting and the home of the patron saint of Cork Saint Finbarr.  

There is a chapel and oratory there and couples often get married or just have their wedding photos taken there.  It's also got an hotel, pub, gift shop and forest and lakeside walks.

We stopped off to stretch our legs and give the dog a walk and a drink and she decided to cool down by jumping in a stream.

It was a red hot day and we bought ice lollies and noticed there were classic cars parked there after an annual memorial run.  Here's some pictures:

A taste of Anerica or even America.  Complete with a double front seat,  I  thought of the Fonz and Happy Days.

A reminder of Blighty.  This Rolls Royce is bespoke fitted with leather seats and walnut dash.  I think they only go nine miles to the gallon?  I suppose if you can afford one you can afford to pay for the motion lotion or petrol even?

Classic cars parked next to the lake and you can see the beautiful church  in the background.  It was a nice stopover enjoyed by  all.


  1. Although I am not a petrolhead I do enjoy looking at beautiful classic cars. Shame that modern cars are so bland and boring. We have an active Classic Car Club over here and they often organise parades and displays.
    It was a glorious sunny day for your outing.

  2. Hi JayCee. I am in full agreement with you. Classic cars are so beautiful especially that 1957 Dodge. I would love to travel down Route 66 in that old girl.

  3. Everything looks nicer on a sunny day. Like JayCee, I am not a petrolhead either but I can admire quality design in classic cars. Are you off back to Alcatraz this week?

  4. It does YP. Classic cars were made with elegance and quality materials. That's why they are still around today. Yep back on the free cruise across the bay twice a day!

  5. At 9 miles a gallon you'd hardly make it from one petrol station to another. Beautiful car though

  6. I know Linda. They are beautiful cars.


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