Tuesday 28 September 2021

My Michaelmas Daisies.

 Yep it's  Michaelmas tomorrow the 29th of September.  It's the time of year when the Asters or Michaelmas daisies come into flower.

The Anglican/Episcopalian and Roman Catholic churches all celebrate the feast of Saint Michael.

It was traditionally the day for paying rents, hiring staff and eating goose.  A lot of goose fairs like Nottingham were held around day.   

The next big feast was Martinmass or November the 11th, Armisstice Day.  This was the day when animals were slaughtered and smallholders decided which farm animals to keep for the long winter and hunger gap.

I think we best order some logs and coal.


  1. I love these daisies they remind me of my Dad but his were purple, can you get white one's as well?

  2. I will be celebrating Michaelmas with some traditional morris dancing dressed like a pillock. By the way, when is Davemas?

  3. I do like your celebrations, the seasons coming and going and the people making the most of their crops and produce.
    Interesting reading

  4. I quite fancy goose for supper but not sure I can get close enough to the ones in the harbour in order to grab one.

  5. I use to have purple Asters or Michaelmas daisies Briony but they seem to be all white now. I believe you can get them in different colours.

  6. My day is the first of March and my official birthday is December YP.

    1. Snap. It was always weird having your birthday and Christmas in the same winter month whilst your friends had their birthday in the summer.

  7. Hi Linda. I think Europe was like Poros following saints days and traditions for that particular time of year, l find it very interesting reading.

  8. Hi JayCee. I have never tried Goose. I've ate Pheasant and duck and other kinds of poultry. You'll have to get P to launch the yacht and get out the blunderbuss.😊

  9. We have purple asters all over. I never knew they were Michaelmas daisies. Thanks for that!

  10. Hi Debby. Yes they are the asters that flower around this time. Mine use to be purple but after much propagation they seem to be white. How odd!

  11. Well, my wild snapdragons along the fence have always been orange. THis year, they are yellow!

  12. How odd! Our plants have a mind of their own. One year we had Daffodils flowering in December.


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