Wednesday, 5 October 2022

A Dutch Painting Found In A Charity Shop.

 No it's not a Van Clomp painting  but it's still a very nice find.

My brother gave it me yesterday because he knows I love paintings.  He paid 10 Euros for it.  On the back of the picture its written in pen Victor Coverley-Price (1901-1980)  Dutch Landscape = 1939.

I Googled the painter and he was English, born in Winchester and he showed his painting at the Art Competition at the1948 Olympics.  You never see Poetry or Art or Tiddlywinks anymore at the Olympics do you?

He was also a British Diplomat.  I Googled some of his paintings online and they have been sold from between sixty Pounds and over a thousand.  A nice find and I won't be selling it.

Does anyone know any more about this artist or perhaps you have one of his paintings?


  1. Is it an original Dave or a print? I believe he died in 1988 and not 1980. Lots more about the artist here:-

  2. Yes it's an original oil painting YP. Thanks for the link.

  3. That was good of your brother to buy it for you. I hope you have found just the right place to hang it?

  4. It was good of him to buy it us JayCee. I just need to find a masonry nail to hang the picture in our gallery. I will stop collecting things. Thanks.

  5. Great painting Dave. Your brother has a good eye too. You are kind to each other. x

  6. I thought Rachel would like the painting when I first saw it. Could be Norfolk at the turn of the last century Rachel? Thanks!

  7. Cumulus Nimbus floats by - Sweden ("All Quiet On The Eastern Front") The Stranglers. The band of my youth along with Thin Lizzy, Kate Bush and Kansas. You have an artist eye Tigger, thanks!


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