Tuesday 14 November 2023

Hard Graft.

I have not been able to go selling plants at carboot sales or  doany gardening outside due to monsoon season down here on the Irish Riviera.  Apart from weeding in my polytunnel of course.

Yesterday I got a phone call if I would give a few hours moving a old internal stone wall from a very old house.

So I donned my steel toe capped wellingtons and wore some work gloves and went and helped clear the rubble and earth.  Old West Cork houses are made with rammed earth in between the building stones.  It's very dusty work.

Here's some photos:

Trusty wheelbarrow and shovel and a a few tons of rubble and earth to move by hand and shovel.
This "fine yolk" a West Cork phrase sped the job up.  We took off the front door and steered her inside the house.  She holds about 4 full wheelbarrows of builders rubble.

We swept up and reattached the front door when we had finished.  I looked like I had been down the pit and my back is aching today.  It's good to know I can still graft even though I will be 60 in a couple of weeks.

I still harbour the dream of buying a doer upper in Portugal and renovating a property.  I don't want to live in the middle of nowhere though.  Preferably near a village, with public transport and a rub a dub, dub.  Imagine retiring into the sun and no more gales and wet winters and large heating bills?

We can dream can't we?


  1. Brexit doesn't help GZ. I have an Irish passport but my wife doesn't. There's a great great site called Pure Portugal on the old Tinternet and Tweb. If you want to pass an hour or so have a surf. You will be amazed at the house prices.

  2. Dreams are good. It's the nightmares you need to steer clear of.

  3. Very true JayCee. Sometimes our dreams become nightmares. It's actually not raining here today - unbelievable isn't it?

  4. I hope you were suitably rewarded for your hard work Dave. I am still waiting for my invitation to your 60th birthday party. I will be bringing over a couple of Pole dancers - Katarzyna and Małgorzata. Sorry that should read Polish dancers and not Pole dancers.

  5. Tell them to bring the Pivo YP. I once tried tap dancing and fell in the sink.

  6. Hauling rubble is heavy work. So much more than you think when the wall comes down. Hope your back is fine and the sun shines soon

  7. Very heavy work Linda. You are so right about how much the volume of rubble there is. You also marvel at how the lifted the stone headers over the doorways into position. My back ached like mad this morning but the beer tokens will help ease the pain when I get paid. Could do with some of your Greek sunshine. 😊

  8. We certainly can dream and I do on a daily basis, dreaming of a house i can call mine. It won't happen without a lotto win but the dreams are nice. I can imagine the aching after clearing that rubble!

    1. I hope your house dream comes true River. Yes I ached like mad but it's good to know I can still do hard work.


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