Wednesday 4 April 2018

Another Allotment Character For You: Mr Clockwork!

Mr Clockwork is entirely fictional.  But based on a few allotment vegetable growers I have met.  

You know the type?  Mr Clockwork will arise from bed at seven am every morning.  He will make his sandwiches and eat his breakfast.  He doesn't particularly like his ham and tomato sandwiches on white bread.  But he can't really complain.  After all its him who makes them!

Mr Clockwork sets off and walks down to his allotment Eden next to the railway lines.  He opens his shed, takes out his tools and commences his work at the very same time he started his work when he was in full-time employment.  

At Ten O'clock one one of the allotment growers shouts to him:

"Come on Tom".  There's a brew ready.  It's you're tea-break."

This is followed at twelve for Lunch or "Dinner" if you come from up North and at three O'clock for afternoon break.  

Mr Clockwork is free to do what ever wants.  But he is ruled by time and routine.  Even when he retired.  His work colleagues presented him with a CLOCK!  He'd been watching the time for the past forty years.  Poor-man he's addicted to time, even allotted (allotment) time!   


  1. I am not sure what this post is saying but I eat everyday at 12 and it never varies. If I am out at 12 I carry sandwiches with me that I make in the morning; even if I am in a cinema I will still eat them at 12. It was a standing joke when I was at work. Rachel always eats at 12, and when I was away from the office on holiday in Siberia they apparently looked at their watches at 12 and said "Rachel will be eating now".

  2. The post is about people who are retired but are still clockwork and keep to the same time everyday.


  3. There is nothing wrong with being in touch with your body. I am often ready for a drink in the afternoon. I say"is it that time of day?"


    Is the reply.

  4. Dinner is still taken at midday, has been for years and I don't want to change. We always called it dinner, never lunch, and always ate at the same time. Evening dinner was never popular where live, we always thought that was when the upper classes ate. Haha you've started something now!

  5. Thanks Valerie. We always called Lunch something you had mid morning. Dinner was twelve to one and you had your Tea before the six o'clock. My allotment character Mr Clockwork even eats the same sandwiches he's made and ate for the last forty years. Thanks!

  6. Tea before the six 0'clock News!

  7. Same here Valerie. We have dinner at midday and tea in the evening. I sometimes adjust the description for the purposes of blogging because otherwise it seems to cause no end of confusion. But in these parts it is still dinner at 12 and tea at 5.

  8. I better it was the same when you lived in Newcastle Rachel? It's good how you adjust the description for the purpose of blogging. They call the airing cupboard a hot press here in Ireland.

    1. I had a mixture of friends in Newcastle from all over the place. I can't remember what I called it there but I know on many occasions the locals couldn't understand me whatever I said! When I went for a job interview a boy waiting to be interviewed said I would get the job because of my southern accent. In the event we both got a job that day and spent many happy hours together logging properties in Newcastle for boundary change purposes. He was from Northern Ireland and taught me many things about life.

  9. I love regional difference and every county in England is so different. I once visited Newcastle and people were asking for a bottle of dog and Stotty cakes? In Sheffield I once asked for a chip muffin in a chipshop. The girl behind the counter said: "We have only got flour cakes. They happened to be the same thing. Omce me and my Lancashire pals went to Haworth in Yorkshire. We sat outside a pub having a pint (just for a change) and I happened to ask two local lasses: How are City and United doing?" It was Saturday afternoon, after all. She replied: "Bradford are winning and Leeds are losing?" I was asking about Manchester City and Manchester United.

    Thanks for telling us about your friends in Newcastle Rachel.

  10. oh gosh Dave this is me!

  11. Hi Sol. Yes there are lots of Mr and Mrs Clockworks out there and programmed to the time. Hope things are starting to take shape in your new house and garden? I am fighting the weeds and they seem to be winning at the moment.

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