Friday 5 March 2021

Time For A Cat/Dog Nap/ Siesta On The Irish Riviera.

 I captured this photo of  our canine and feline friends snoozing yesterday:

They don't have a bad life really.   Domino seems to think the dog bed is a cat bed.  Not that Rosie minds.

The droppings on the table are vegetable plot soil from my socks and do not belong to mouses or ratty yats.  I have a terrible habit of putting my feet on the coffee table.


  1. Time to get the hoover out!

    1. I want carboot sales to start again JayCee. So I can buy the wife a Ewbank. They don't use electric or make any NOISE! There should be an amnesty for unwanted Hoovers to be handed in and deemed useless.

  2. Can't see our coffee table for books, and I still manage to put my feet on it! (Still reading, still battling Google!!)

  3. Thanks for still reading the veg artist. We have far too many books, plants, stuff. Oh to go carbooting again.

  4. If only we could relax like our animal friends, wouldn't that be wonderful?

  5. Wouldn't it just Briony. Us humans live much more stressful lives.


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