Friday, 27 January 2023

K Is For Kansas.

I have seen two good Prog Rock  bands in the last twelve months: Kaprekars Constant who I featured their Hall Sands video on here and Karnataka (check them out!) both at A New Day Festival and I previously saw KC a week earlier at Cropredy.

Kansas are probably my favourite Prog band and like Debby (Life's Funny Like That blog). I have been lucky enough to see them live. 

 I saw them in 2014 in Warsaw.  It was the fulfilment of a long held dream to see them.  I had listened to them in my teens and it was over thirty years later that I finally got to see them play live.  They certainly didn't disappoint.

Have you seen Kansas? 

They originated in Topeka and were originally named White Clover which they changed to Kansas.

What a band!


  1. We have heard of Kansas and might even identify some of their music, but F is awful at remembering bands, who played it, when it was a hit, stuff like that (That is Mr B's forte) - she just dances around to music she likes - and often makes me dance too. I try to make myself scarce....

  2. Good to read you like Kansas Tigger. We try to get our dogs and cats to dance to our favourite music. The three cats aren't keen at all.

  3. Until you mentioned Kansas some time ago I had never heard of them but listening to some of their numbers on YouTube, I can certainly see why you like them. If they had renamed themselves Yorkshire and not Kansas I would have also been a big fan.

  4. They are not massively populat in the UK but they are in Europe and North America. Such a talented band and up there with any of the band I have seen over the years. Saxon are probably Yorkshire's finest band YP.

  5. Great to see Kansas again here Dave. I remember watching the interview with the band on You Tube after you first wrote about them.

    1. Hi Rachel. I knew you would like them. You appreciate good music. Thanks.

  6. I've heard of Kansas but haven't heard them play in a long long time. That piece was really good. Thanks Dave

  7. They're great aren't they Linda? Up there with the best of them.


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