Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Ode To Our New Kettle.

 We bought it for  just 25 Euros in Lidl.

 Picked it up in the 'specials' aisle in the middle.

It really is in fine fettle

Our new Silvercrest Kettle.

A poem for JayCee in celebration of her new kettle purchase.


  1. Oh, a mighty fine kettle for sure
    To boil Irish water so pure
    My new one is only a Salter
    But I hope it will do what it oughter

  2. Hey JayCee that rhymes send it to The Times!

  3. What do you mean by "specials aisle"? Are you trying to be posh now you have got a fancy new kettle? It is called "Middle of Lidl" because it rhymes and that's how all Lidlites refer to it.
    Hey diddle diddle
    At middle of Lidl
    You can get a bargain or two
    A fancy new kettle
    A wok made of metal
    And scent bombs to flush down the loo

  4. Are you here all week? When we lived in that posh village next to Manchester Airport we shopped in Lidl in Wilmslow. We would see people putting their salads and other shopping into Sainsbury carrier bags. True story Mr Pudding

    1. Sometimes I go to Waitrose and put my shopping in Lidl bags. I don't want anybody thinking I'm posh.

    2. You never see an advert saying we stopped shopping in Lidl and now shop in Tesco do you?

    3. "I stopped shopping in Lidl and now I'm a shoplifter."

    4. Ha,ha. I get confused when you go in big shops like John Lewis and one notice says "Push" so you push. Then it says 'Pull" so you pull. Then when it says "" Lift" I lift and trap my fingers!

  5. As I said to JC
    a new kettle is a thing of beauty.
    Will you publish
    If I don't rhyme?

  6. Of course LA. Kettle is Citeal in Irish apparently.

  7. Two posts on two kettles! I hope the fettle over metal kettles settles!

  8. Good one Debby. We grasped the nettle and bought that kettle!

  9. One line short of a Limerick. How about, 'And I intend to fill it with piddle'. Ok, not the best, I grant you.

  10. At least you made us laugh Tom. There's some good Poets on here.

  11. Looks nice enough, but does it work well and does it hold enough water for more than two mugs full.

  12. It holds more than 2 mugs River.


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