Monday 13 May 2019

A Grand Day Out At Glin Castle Plant Fair And A Saunter Around The Gardens..

We visited three counties (Cork, Kerry and Limerick) yesterday and went to the Rare Plant Fair at Glin Castle on the Shannon estuary.  It was a beautiful day and reminded me of Cholmondley Castle in Cheshire.  Here's some photos for your perusal and enjoyment.

Me at  the plant fair in my blue hiking jacket and scruffy jeans, cap and walking shoes.  Looking at plants.  I bought seven perennials.  Talk about a bus man's holiday.

A young lady looking at one of the magnificent Gunneras.  What a fine specimen.  I have one in my garden.  But not that big.

Two photos of Glin castle.  Taylor Swift and her boyfriend stayed here recently.  She paid 45000 Euros for the priviledge.  
Inside the walled kitchen garden.  God was in his heaven and I was too.  The walls make a wonderful micro-climate and there where flowers in full bloom and the veg was thriving.  

Neat rows of vegetables.  The white sticks in the ground say things like: Onions, peas...?
 An ode to a Grecian Urn.  What a magnificent specimen.
 The old yard leading to the productive kitchen garden.  Complete with  gardeners' bothy's, stables and dove cotes and even a tractor.  I would love to have seen this hive of industry back in the day when country houses employed lots of staff and horses.  

It was a great day out and bought seven plants and Taylor Swift started playing in my head.  

Here's a video of the gardens at Glin.  It's only short and worth watching!  

Have you visited any gardens or plant fairs recently?


  1. There was a picture of Archies feet in today's paper. Apparently taken by Mrs Windsor. For a moment I thought it was a certain Archie Sparrow but he wears green wellies rolled down. Probably even in bed!

  2. Archie will be supping a pint or ten of Thwaites Gwil in his local the Dog and Goldfish.. Archie is a great name isn't it? Hope you're well. Weather is fabulous here. Thanks.

  3. I watched the film on Glin. It was very good and atmospheric, felt like I wanted to walk round with her. Great place and nice family. I have been to any gardens but I think it would be nice to visit some again. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Hi Rachel. Yes very atmospheric. The lady owner sounds very much in touch with her surroundings and the emotions they bring. Walled Kitchen gardens do it for me. We once visited Heligan in Cornwall and saw the graffiti written on the gardeners bothy walls before they joined up to fight the great war and never to return. Very poignant.

    I like big gardens like Cholmondley in Cheshire with its Italian sunken garden and is so quintessentially tea room. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Thank you.

  5. Taylor Swift got my foot tapping.
    When I see cottage gardens and lovely houses I feel a tad envious. Daft really, when I couldn't manage one!

  6. Yes she's good Valerie. I always wonder how many servants, gardeners and maids did they have? Especially the walled kitchen gardens. Oh to go back in time to see them working and in all their glory. I like visiting large gardens and country estates. Thanks!

  7. Lovely place to visit, and was most impressed by that very orderly vegetable garden!

    1. Hi Vera hope everything is going well in France. I love walled kitchen gardens. The microclimate the walls create is incredible. Any chateaus near you? Thanks.

  8. That looks a great day out. I love gardens like that. I love thinkingnhow they were but I'm very glad we're not in those times still!

  9. It was Kev. Gardeners of all ages. Young gorgeous mothers pushing prams and elderly couples admiring plants and comparing the growth to theirs. I would liked to have worked in a walled kitchen. I bet they grafted. Would love to have seen the heavy work horses bringin the dung carts to the productive kitchen garden. Thanks.

  10. It was a great day Tanza. Enjoyed by all and new homes for the plants. Thank you for your comment.

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