Monday 27 May 2019

My Dream Garden Restaurant?

We went to a carboot sale yesterday in the beautiful seaside village of Crosshaven near Cork city.  It looked very up market and we noticed this house and its for sale:

I will show you some of the things we bought later in the week.

The house is called Point House.  Its over three hundred years old.  The Puxley family built it.  There family home is  a ruined manor house across from us at Dunboy on Beara.  The IRA burned it down in the 1930's.  I believe work began several years ago to convert it into a luxury hotel.

It was the home of the Puxley family,  They mined copper.  I bought some copper yesterday too!  Remember 'Hungry Hill'?  Well that was based on the Puxley family. 

Point House has a big green grassy area at the front of the area.  It would be perfect for growing veg and perennials.  I could grow the veg and perennials and a celebrity chef could run the restaurant.  We could also sell Real Ales, Organic wines and its got room for accommodation too.  Perhaps even Rock concerts in a marquee?

All I need is 500000 Euros or 440000 Pounds?  Then it needs renovating.  Oh well we can dream!

There's a link at the bottom of the page.


  1. Did you buy a lotto ticket on the way home?

  2. We forgot. Euro Millions is tomorrow. I could probably pay for half of it but I would have to sell up first. Thanks LA!

  3. It looks like it would be a lovely place to live. I like it.

  4. Hi Rachel. Its very close to Cork city for concerts, museums, theatres and shopping...? Yet its in an old fishing village. Keith Floyd had a restaurant in nearby Kinsale. I am glad you like Point House. Thanks Rachel.

  5. Yeah. Old houses can be opening a can of worms. You never know what you are going to find. The location is perfect though and its an upmarket area. Thanks Joanne.

  6. Dreams do sometimes come true... keep at it and if you do win the lottery try to keep it hush hush.

  7. Dreams do come true Valerie. I am happy when I am with my plants in the sunshine today. If it could just rain at night. I dream of a little house and garden in Portugal for the winter. Thanks!

  8. You'd probably need planning permission and a big car park for all the posh cars and then there's the paperwork so you'd need an accountant and then there's the cellar and the brewery and the children's play area and the weddings and the stag nights and and and . so you'd need somebody to manage it for you and some reliable bar staff and a couple of cleaning ladies and and and . . . you wouldn't have time for your next polytunnelbook.

  9. Hmm..? Could I not be the resident hermit in the folly? I could always be the gardener and just drink the profits when I mingle with the guests at night. Only electric cars or bicycles and ponies and carts would be allowed. I think its a great idea and we can all dream. Thanks for having your sensible head on Gwil. Hope you're well?


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