Monday 20 May 2019

From A Jam Pan To A Flower Arrangement.

On the way to Glin last Sunday we stopped at a carboot sale.  I spotted this rather tarnished brass jam pan.  I asked the seller how much?  They said: "Ten Euros!"  My hand went in my wallet like a ferret down a rabbit hole.  

I walked in from the garden the other day and the missus said:

  "I have summat to show you!"

She had only gone and polished the brass jam and placed some plastic flowers in it!  All praise to your elbow grease and using ones initiative. 

It now sits proudly in between the range and television and my old kettles.  

Apparently brass jam pans are better than other metal pans for cooking jam.  They don't blacken the fruit and don't leave a metallic taste.  Don't think we'll be using it for cooking though!  

Another picture from Glin Castle.  My feet and the tomatoes and chives in the glasshouse.  I suppose the chive flowers attract the bees?  Hope you're enjoying the month of May?  It's my favourite month of the year.


  1. May is my favourite month just because I was born in May. It doesn't help with trying to stay young though.
    Re the new acquisition - I think your good lady put it to very good use.

  2. Hi Valerie. Happy May birthday greetings. I have just been told they are silk flowers not plastic! Yikes!

    Having you been watching Chelsea Flower Show? What you can do with lots of money. I prefer traditional English Cottage gardens with a veg plot and potting shed. Thanks!

    1. Not seen the show ... forgot to watch, then had things to do. Actually, I prefer gardens to look like gardens, not show pieces.... unless the Queen comes visiting!!

    2. Its on every night at eight on BBC2. I like country estates and labourers cottage gardens. One garden you can't buy is a mature one. Thanks Valerie.

  3. I love a find like that, good spot!

  4. Thanks Kirsty. I found the kettle farthest right a couple of weeks a go.

  5. I was not aware of brass pots. It is handsome.

  6. Thanks Joanne. Brass and copper were often used for cooking pans and kettles. I am pleased you like it. It must have been very heavy when filled with fruit or water. Thanks.


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