Wednesday 1 May 2019

Things Are Hotting Up In The Poly-tunnel.

Its amazing what different a bit of plastic makes to growth.  Watering helps too.  Especially with my garden teas.  The smell is not very nice but the plants love it.  All praise to the barrel of water, nettles, pillow case full of country pancakes (think about it) and a lawnmower box of grass clippings.  All mixed and stirred together with a trusty fence post.  In the photo above there are lettuces growing in plant pots, toms in grow bags, cucumbers in grow bags and potatoes growing in plant pots.
More potatoes growing where the tomatoes grew last year.  They are also pushing up their haulm or stalks outside the tunnel.  I earthed them the other day and they have their hands pushed through again.
Remember the potatoes I planted in that polystyrene box that the welder came in?  They aren't far off flowering.  I can't wait to pick them!
 Brassicas growing in pots and cuttings growing in trays of sand.  The tunnel gets watered twice a day at the moment.  Sometimes with the hosepipe and other times with the degging can.  That;s an old North of England word for a watering can.  
Capsicums and Chilli Peppers growing in pots.  There are pampas grass and bamboo seeds in the plastic modules.  We're waiting for them to germinate.  We bought them from Geek.  Have you heard of Geek?  The seeds came all the way from China!

Have you got a poly-tunnel?  Thinking of getting one?  


  1. Everything looks like it is doing well. So much green and growth everyday to go and look at. You'll be picking stuff soon. Do you grow radishes? I used to love growing them because they gave a harvest so quickly.

  2. Hi Rachel. Everything is flourishing and looking verdant Rachel. Radishes are a good crop to grow with Parsnips. Radish germinate really quickly. Parsnips can take 28 days. So the radish are good row markers.

    You could grow some radish in a large plant pot full of compost. Thanks.

  3. You are doing well, or rather your greens are. I seem to remember children being encouraged to grow radishes. Didn't they cut the bottom off and soak them in water? Can't remember what happened after that....haha.

  4. Thanks Valerie. Yes its good to encourage future gardeners to grow vegetables. We use to grow peas on wet paper towels and cress on a window sill. Your cut radish sounds different. I am sure it works though.

  5. Wow, talk about flourishing. Your garden pancakes et all are lapped upby those plants. I shall spit on them to keep off the evil eye

  6. Hi LA. Yes they love their weekly pouring from the watering can garden tea of nettle, lawn clippings and some cow plop - country pancake. It stinks like hell and they only get a pint barrel glass to the full watering can of water. But gosh do they love it. Thanks for keeping away the evil eye. Hows things growing over there?

  7. Your stuff looks great, especially the potatoes.
    I don't have a polytunnel but would love one. My neighbour on the allotment has one and he says it really extends the growing season.
    I love this time of year on the allotment. No hopes dashed by pest or weather. Or other allotment owners pinching your stuff!

  8. Hi Christina. I have my polytunnel since 2013 and its survived some of the worst gales in living memory. Its a good place to garden no matter what the weather.

    I miss allotment and the camaraderie and characters. You don't meet people in the countryside. Thanks!

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