Monday 19 July 2021

A Glimpse Of The Bay From The Back Garden.

 I was sat out in the back garden today looking over to the bay:

That's  Hungry Hill over on Beara.  You can see the white Shasta daisies coming into flower in the mixed borders.  It's a nice vista on a nice day.  Sometimes in winter when it's blowing a gale we can't even see the bay.

I often feel like we live in a beautiful oil painting in the countryside next to the sea.

Supposed to be the hottest Summer ever in Hibernia.  28 degrees on Sunday.  šŸ˜Ž  


  1. Who needs the Algarve when you have scenes like that on a hot summer's day!
    Cracking šŸ™‚

  2. It's not bad here JayCee considering it's a north (northsider) facing garden. Just wish it wasn't so hot when we go to the land of nod.šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜Š

  3. Are those tall yellow flowers called Aaron's Rod? The view from your residence is worth a lot Dave.

  4. Yellow Loosestrife YP. It's nice to have the vista of the sea and the mountains. Thanks!

  5. Oh what a view. I wrote about Beara in the essay for the Anthology, Meet Me There. There is also a god chapter in Maria Coffey's A Boat in My Baggage. Amazing place.

  6. Thanks Mark. At The Edge of Ireland by David Yeadon is a good book to read about Beara.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Debby. It is when it's scorchio like now.

  8. I wouldn't mind sitting right there with my morning cuppa drinking in coffee and view. Hungry mountain. An interesting name. And Shasta daisies, reminds me of Mt Shasta in the US, supposed to be home of sasquatch.
    Don't suppose there are any on your mountain, just leprachauns and fairies

  9. Hungry Hill was also the title of a Daphne Dumaurier novel and film Linda. The hill is very rocky looking and lacking in vegetation on the top. I suppose that's why they called it Hungry Hill? Shasta daisies are named after the snow capped Shasta mountain in California. Thanks.

  10. It is almost unbearably hot here. What's very odd about it is that there is no wind, and as you know, a day on the west coast feels very strange without wind. A few more days to go yet before it breaks!

  11. We're just not use to hot weather the veg artist. Our houses are too hot in summer. I wish we had air conditioning like they do on the Continent. Supposed to start raining and lightning here on Friday then sunny again on Sunday. I can't even drink hot drinks it's too hot. We're never happy are we?šŸ˜Š


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