Thursday 1 July 2021

A Run Out To Ownahincha Beach Near Clonakilty.

 The rain is stopped at the weather traffic lights today.  So four of us drove over to enjoy an overcast but still very nice beach close to Clonakilty this morning:

Pamela Anderson wasn't here filming Baywatch sadly.
Some Rooks.  They must be English because they shared my chips with me.

Patrick's fish and chips.  Very nice.

 Bungalows in the countryside next to the sea.  We live in a bungalow next to the sea.

The prices are very reasonable.  It reminded me of holidays in Scarborough when I was a lad and we would go and see the Grumbleweeds and the Nolans and Canon and Ball.

Happy days. 😊


  1. That looks like a proper seaside place with fish and chips and 99s.
    Except you had rooks instead of seagulls to steal your chips.

  2. It reminded me of England in the seventies and eighties JayCee. We me Jose the seagull in the Algarve in 2019. He liked chips too. It must be all the English tourists feeding them? 🤗

  3. Scarborough is to Great Britain what Florida is to America. Sometimes we refer to it as Scarbados. Your parents had good taste when choosing a holiday location. I bet you were a naughty lad at the seaside - always screaming for an ice cream. If I had been your dad, I would have clouted you.

  4. We always stayed in the North bay in Scarborough. My mum said it was a lot posher than the South bay. Lots of wonderful memories with my mum and dad visiting the castle, Peasholm Park and Anne Bronte's grave... Would love to visit Scarborough again some day. Love the place!

  5. I once said to my dad I'd seen a ten pound note and he clouted me. He said: "Nay lad. There's no such thing!"

    1. HA-HA-HA! Scarborough is a special place to me.

    2. Yes you were born very close to Scarborough I remember you saying YP. I have very fond memories of a weeks holiday in Scarborough with my brother and my mum and dad. It's made me emotional writing that. Blog writing can be very cathartic.

    3. Aw, that's a nice exchange.

    4. Thanks Debby. Scarborough is a great place to visit.

  6. More of your photos to enjoy. That's a delightful fishing village and as for the menu. ..I spent some minutes imagining what I would order.
    Thanks for the post

  7. The chipshop owner was very friendly too Linda. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours. Thanks.


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