Tuesday 6 July 2021

Nineteen Sixty Sixty.

 I don't  know what we'll do when the European championships are over?  I can't praise terrestrial television enough for showing the matches live and for free.  Why can't  they show live football from the Football League or even the Varanama for free?  

Last night I found the film Nineteen Sixty Six on good old Netflix.  I couldn't  believe it was filmed in 2006.  Where have been and why have I never seen it?

It's well worth a watch again now that England are in touching distance of getting to a final for the first time since 1966.

For those of you don't know or missed it somehow it's a tale of a young  Jewish lad from London having his BarMitzvah on the same day of the World Cup final at Wembley:

It's a feel good film and it captures the euphoria and emotion of the land that invented football winning the World Cup against fierce rivals Germany.   My highlight of the film was the Irish Ceilidh band providing the music at the Bar Mitzvah and the car scene when his dad gets stopped for speeding  on his way to Wembley by a Scottish traffic Policeman!

Last week Gareth Southgate's three Lions on the shirt England put Germany to the sword and showed they are a force to be reckoned with.  Ukraine suffered the same fate on Saturday  night.  Hopefully tomorrow it's  Denmark turn?  Then at the weekend it will be Italy or Spain.

I hope we all feel the same euphoria after the final?  


  1. I don't follow the footie, but I hope you enjoy the upcoming games.

  2. Oh to be in England JayCee. Somewhere like a beer garden in Dorset cheering on the lads watching a big TV screen and drinking copious flowing pints of real Ale.

  3. I had not heard of that film. Thanks for the heads-up Dave. Don't say bacon, say Danish! We're gonna whup those little mermaids. COME ON ENGLAND! COME ON!

  4. It's funny how we manage to miss out on songs and films YP. You are ten years older than me and I remember you saying how you watched the World Cup Final in 1966 when England were victorious. The video clips of the matches and final are amazing and I seem to know the English players straight away. They became legends and this present squad can again this weekend. Please let it be so!

  5. I'm a gonzo. The film is called: Sixty Six.

  6. Good luck Dave. May the English team make you proud. All the lion fans will be watching on the big screens at the cafes downtown (🎶🎵downtown) tonight and the place will be in an uproar with every goal. Wonder if there are any Danes on the island

  7. Thanks Linda. Tomorrow night will be a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully there will be a final to get excited about and England will win the tournament.

  8. After your tournament, if you've not seen it already, Look for 'Almost Famous' about a boy in the early 70s traveling with a band.

    1. Will do Debby. Thanks for your film recommendations. We watched A Star Is Born. I thought Lady Gaga was amazing.

  9. I remember seeing that film years ago - I must watch it again. I love the restraint and gentle englishness of those types of film.

  10. Hi Mark. I loved the cars, bed spreads, interior decorations. Our house was very similar in so many ways.


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