Monday 29 August 2022

And So On To Blighty and Cropredy.

Memorial tree with name plates of festival goers who are no longer with us.
Oxford Canal.
Chocolate box thatched cottages.
A Dalek.
Strange bird creature in the hedge.
Cropredy war memorial. 
Bunting for the Queen's Jubilee. 
Ancient Cropredy church.
Royal visitors perhaps?
Knitted characters.

The canal locks.

We flew from Cork to Birmingham the day before the music festival just outside of Banbury in Oxfordshire.

It was like flying into Faro with all the fields, lawns and an odd cricket field scorched brown.

We negotiated the ticket offices and caught the free train to Birmingham International Railway station.   Then we waited for the Bournemouth train that took us to Banbury.

Enjoy the photos.


  1. I hate to be picky Dave but your picture was of the village sign, this is Cropredy war memorial:-

  2. And this:-

  3. Yes I know YP. It is the village sign with the soldier and Lest We Forget underneath it. I think they are excellent photos of a quintessentially English Oxfordshire village.

    1. I was a big fan of Fairport Convention but I have never been to Cropredy. A nice selection of photos that give a sense of the village in anticipation of the festival.

  4. Yes I once them in Bolton many years ago. I love Sandy Denny. Her voice is amazing. I have wanted to visit Croperdy music for a while. It holds 20000 people and it's very well organized. I prefer A New Day Festival because it's less than five thousand and more Prog and Heavy Rock orientated. At least at Cropredy they let you take your own grog in. I think if you had a motorhome or booked a room somewhere like Premier Inn you would enjoy it YP.

  5. I put Croperdy instead of Cropredy again. Drat.

  6. I saw Fairport Convention in Newcastle City Hall in 1973. Never forgotten. I am glad you got to Cropredy. Great photos Dave. Thanks.

  7. It was good Rachel. Especially finally getting to see my Prog Rock guitar hero Steve Hackett and his band. He was better than I expected. Guitar genius comes to mind. Thanks.


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