Wednesday 31 August 2022

Pictures Of Some Of The Bands At Cropredy.

The Bar Stewards Sons Of Val Doonican.  Yorkshire's finest since Saxon perhaps?  I have seen both of them now and how very enjoyable and entertaining they both are.
Toyah and Robert King Crimson Fripp. 
Sharon Shannon and band.  Seen her before in West Cork.
Clannad.  That's the second time I have seen them this year and sadly probably the last time.  

Slambovian Circus Of Dreams.

Irish folk band at the fringe festival.  Whiskey In The Jar was excellent.

Genius alert.  Steve Hackett.  Mr Genesis himself.  Nad Sylvan was excellent on vocals.
A certain very amusing Barnsley based band again.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.  I will write about Oxford next.

Here's a video I found on good old You Tube of Steve Hackett at Cropredy.  I'm in the crowd there somewhere.  Enjoy!


  1. You seem to have got pretty close to the front Dave. Did you have to use your elbows when barging through?

  2. Yes I did make my way near the front for Steve Hackett, Sharon Shannon and Clannad. I encountered a few drunks during Steve Hackett and was not very pleases when one danced on my sore big toe. I was pleased with the photos though. Thanks YP.


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