Friday 26 August 2022

"That's How It Is".

 I forgot to mention yesterday that we managed to walk back into Dingle that evening and had a couple of pints, bought some cans of beer and purchased some food from the local chipper or chipoyle or even chippy like they say in Blighty.  This was the same chip shop that I had once witnessed an American lady asking for 'wet' fish a few years ago.  She reminded me of the American lady in the Arran Isles asking my wife "what's in a breakfast roll?" All true stories that you couldn't make up.

It was a Sunday morning and we packed our tents and saturated by dew tent rain cover sheets and crammed them into our rucksacks.  We decided to make our way back into Dingle and visit the Tourist Information.

We walked inside and I told the two ladies that we wanted the Dingle Way route to Lispole and Anascaul.  Last time we had walked this way and ended up going along the side of the Conor pass and ended up at Cloghane because there was no sign post or Brown arrow.  They told me to go over a bridge and we would end up at Lispole.  I said there are not enough sign posts on the Dingle Way and the lady shrugged her shoulders and said: "That's how it is!"

We set off and stocked up on food at Lidl.  I didn't fancy carrying half a dozen cans of beer over hill and dale.  Sure enough we couldn't find the there said bridge and I waited with the rucksacks and Lidl bags whilst my friend went on a reconisance missionor even  a look for the bridge mission to find the the bridge and sign post,

About twenty minutes later another German couple with no rucksacks or Lidl bags walk past me.  I asked them if they had come over the bridge from Lispole? "Ya" said the man.  Have you not got zee GPS App?  I shook my head and didn't have the heart to say "I can't even plug my mobile phone in to charge it".

We found the bridge and climbed a stile and walked over the the hill and walked down a road and came to a cross with no sign post.  There was no one around to ask for directions and we were lost again and ending up walking miles along a very busy main road going to Lispole.  

It was getting dark and we were thinking of wild camping somewhere and a lady nay saint in a car pulled up and said she had passed us 3 times and did we want a lift somewhere? I thought on my feet and said "Inch beach please!"  Several miles later the saintly Irish lady dropped us off and refused any offer of payment.   What a wonderfully kind lady!


  1. What a nice story. Kindness costs nothing at all.

    1. Hundreds of cars sped past Debby. This kind lady was a saint.

  2. It's not good that the Irish authorities haven't waymarked the Dingle Way so clearly that even the mentally retarded would be able to follow it.

  3. I have got lost several times on the Dingle Way YP. I won't be walking it again. I won't be carrying a rucksack on my back either.

  4. There are many good people around Dave. I am glad the lady stopped for you.

  5. There are Rachel. What a lovely and kind lady to stop and give us a lift.


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