Thursday 25 August 2022

Another Attempt At Hiking Along The Dingle Way.


Inch Beach.  Famous for the race scene in Ryan's Daughter.

People who have been reading my rants and scribbling for the last twelve years or so might remember when I walked part of the Dingle Way and discovered the Maharees and gained enormous blisters and walked an hundred miles in a weekend and returned home absolutely knackered and felt like David Carradine walking the 17 miles of beach back to Camp?

Since then I found out that by the magic of the Tinternet and T'web that one foot is bigger than the other.  Honestly.  Also your toes get looser as you age and I found out that one should be wearing size 11 boots not 10.  You see your feet swell when you walk long distances.

Any road or anyway.  We set off from Dunquin after showing my friend Peig Sayers gravestone which I have featured on here before.  We set off along a very busy main road and attempted to find our way back on the Dingle Way.  Our rucksacks weighed a ton and it was a red hot summers day.  Someone said we could get back on it at Ventry.  I asked  a middle aged man how far was it to Ventry.  Which he pronounced it quite different to me.  

We met a German couple walking to Dunquin and they couldn't find the Dingle Way either.   I explained that from previous experience that a lot of the Dingle Way consists of tarmac roads.

We were not happy bunnies and my toes had developed an enormous blister or two.  About fifteen miles later we arrived at a campsite in Dingle.  My friend was asked for his passport and the campsite proprietor made a weak joke that he had no pitches available.  

It was a cold night and we woke up to a very heavy dew.   I remembered old wifey had bought me some blister plasters from the chemists and I applied them to my very sore tootsies.  They were brilliant and I walked for miles and miles over the next few days with no pain.  I felt like that old Remington razor advert: "I was so impressed with the product that I bought the company".    Blister plasters are like garlic bread.  They are the future! Eight Euros for blissful comfort.


  1. Once I camped on the strand at Inch but I think I told you that before. Reading this blogpost, I am not sure when you undertook this walk to Dingle along The Dingle Way Dave.

  2. Just over a fortnight ago before I went to see Steve Hackett and the other bands in Blighty YP. I remember you mentioning you camped on Inch Beach and caught shellfish.

  3. You should go back and clearly designate the road with signs. You could be the hero hiker of Dingle Way

    1. I think most people get their luggage transported by taxi to bed and breakfast establishments Debby. I won't be carrying a rucksack anymore.

  4. Just look at that beach! Hard to imagine it was the deserted beach in Ryan's daughter. What magnificent scenery in that film. And obviously it really is magnificent.

  5. It's free to park or camp on Linda. The beach was used for the horse race in the film.


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