Tuesday, 2 August 2022

"What Can It Be?"

 The Lionesses have made me so happy.  They took me back to watching Gregory's Girl with probably the most famous female footballer who every one wanted to have for a girlfriend Dee Hepburn.  It's a great film set in Scotland.   

What a lass. Exquisitely beautiful and she played football.  What more could any one want? Unless of course you fell in love with her and she takes Gregory's place in the school football team.  She's probably the best Dorothy character since Judy Garland in The Wizard Of Oz.

Not forgetting Gregory or John Gordon Sinclair.  I watched a great video on YouTube about the film.  Apparently JGS was a big Rush fan and he noticed an actor wearing a Rush badge and he decided he wanted to be an actor because he followed Canadian Prog Rock bands.  Nothing wrong with a bit of Prog.  I happen to have seen Rush play twice.

Here's a video I found on You Tube:

Dee showed us back then in the 1980s that football is indeed a beautiful game. I love the song.  

Who is you favourite Lioness? Millie Bright is mine.  

How about showing all these great British films every Saturday  night on terrestrial television? There's some great Irish ones too like Ryan's Daughter and The Quiet Man.


  1. She was a very pretty girl, very natural.
    I enjoyed the film Ryan's Daughter , but that was probably due to Robert Mitchum more than anything else!

  2. Dee was very pretty and very natural like you say JayCee.

    There are have been some great films made on the Dingle Peninsula like Far and Away, some of the recent Star Wars films and David Lean's classic Ryan's Daughter. Sarah Miles, Sir John Mills and Robert Mitchum played blinders. I could list lots of other films I like made on these Isles. I am sure you could?

  3. Millie Bright was a rock in England's defence. But what was special about England's women's team was the togetherness and the team spirit. Millie Bright hails from Chesterfield - just down the road from us. Beth Mead is a Yorkshire lass and she was the player of the tournament. Shame that Steph Houghton couldn't be a part of it.

  4. I agree they had togetherness. I know Chesterfield. It's where the Devil twisted the spire and I once went canvassing there when Tony Benn first stood to be an MP there. Nice place with great bitter if I remember rightly. Thanks YP.


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