Tuesday 30 August 2022

Cropredy Festival Punters Photos.


Cropredy revellers.  It was 33 degrees when I took these photos.
Expensive food.  Click on the photo for prices.
Mainstage Cropredy.

My festival liquid accompaniment and refreshment.

In Banbury town we ate large breakfasts in Wetherspoon's for five Pounds Eighty and I would drink two pints of Ruddles or Doombar at nine in the morning.  The Ruddles was 1.48 a Pint and the Doombar was 2.19.  I also managed to buy bottles of dog or Newky Brown in the Asian owned off licences in Banbury and Cropredy village.  The stewards at Cropredy allow you to take your own beer.  I only bought one pint at the festival:

I preferred my Doombar and Newky Brown bottles.  We can't purchase such Ambrosia in Hibernia now that Brexit happened.  I can't get my Hollands pies from Iceland either.    Hope you like the pictures?


  1. Great pictures Dave, I did enjoy them. I like Wetherspoons and the food and drink they provide too, and the good service.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Wetherspoon's is excellent and affordable for anyone. I must visit the one in Cork city. I wonder if they sell bitter?

  3. So hot and sunny! I trust that Jean rubbed some sun tan lotion into any exposed Northsider skin while singing "Je t'aime" like Jane Birkin.

  4. That is one sexy voice YP. My mate paid ten Bob for a glass of water and they frowned when he asked for a refill. At least they let you take your own beer in. A New Day Festival was a different story.

  5. I'm a Weatherspoon fan as well. Looks like you had a lot of fun, and I hope the music was great. You've waited a long time for live music.

  6. Wetherspoons is fab Debby. I went to two Rock Festivals and saw some great bands, drank some fine ales and visited some great places like Rye, Oxford and Broadstairs. There's a CS Lewis linked post soon. Watch this space. Thanks.

  7. Great photos. Lucky the weather was dry but must have been a tad hot. Did you have an umbrella 🤣

  8. Thanks Linda. It was too hot especially on the Saturday. I didn't have my umbrella but I took my hiking/gardening waterproofs but I didn't need them and they made a decent pillow in the tent.


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