Sunday 20 December 2020

The Morning After The Night Before.

I think Domino must have had his Christmas works do.   He looks rather the worse for wear.  Too many drinks of milk stout me thinks:

 Perhaps Domino has got his own Shebeen?  Drinking the West Cork lemonade?  

Here's one of Domino's favourite songs:

When I was growing up in England my dad would play his Clancy Brothers, The Dubliners and The Seekers records.  All these years later I still play them in my head and on good old You Tube.


  1. Looks like Domino is full of pizza - Domino's pizza of course. I bet he also got the free garlic bread. Check by smelling his breath.

  2. Domino says the pizza chain belongs to him but he never gets any royalties. His favourite track his Cat scratch by Ted Nugent. In fact I once saw Ted play at Manchester Apollo. Thanks YP.

  3. Domino looks like me after a good Sunday morning walk.

  4. 😄 I know what you mean JayCee. I walked up the hill the other day and my heart was beating like a kettle drum.

  5. Very true Debby. Domino doesn't like to be disturbed. I wish we could all hibernate this year.

  6. I've been like that for the last week. No booze was involved!

  7. I know how you feel the veg artist. Roll on Spring and some decent weather. I have some potatoes chitting in the utility room. Going to plant them in the polytunnel.

    1. Chitting in the utility room? I hope you wipe their arses for them.


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