Monday 23 October 2023

47 Wind Songs.

 Professor Google showed me 47 songs listed about the wind.

Here's one by my favourite Prog Rock band Kansas or White Clover their original name.

Did I tell you how I had liked them since I was a teenager and never thought I would ever get to see them live?  Then my friend emailed me and said they were playing in Warsaw.  This was back in 2014.  

Perhaps I will get to see Styx one day?  Any chance of you playing West Cork lads?

Here's a true Rock classic and hit by Kansas:


  1. More great music. I like having the words written there too.

  2. Yes a great band a great song Linda. I also like onscreen lyrics to read and sing along with. Thanks.

  3. I love that song. Love the guitar.....

  4. It's fantastic isn't it Tigger's Mum? I feel privileged to have seen them play live especially with Steve Walsh. Great singer and a keyboard wizard like Geddy Lee, Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman. All of whom I have been privileged to see live.

  5. I am definitely NOT dust in the wind. I am a human being!

  6. The song is a metaphor for life YP.


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