Thursday 12 October 2023

"Potatoes 🥔Of The Night".

My spudatoes a few months ago.  Taken in the day time not the night though.

 I found the following video the other day and it is potato related.  

Sorry if you find any of the swear words offensive.  Swearing aside I think it's very very funny!  I don't always agree with some of the things he says but the following video I did find funny.



  1. I love Billy Connelly. Great video

  2. Glad you liked the video Linda. I'm reading one of his books at the moment. He had a great comedy apprenticeship when he was a welder in Glasgow.

  3. Well it made me laugh JayCee 😃. I'm not if I once saw the Potatoes Of The Night at a Rock Festival in England? Everyone got smashed or was it mashed?

  4. "I'm not sure..." That should have said JayCee.

  5. What a genius he was in his heyday. Nobody could tell a story like Billy Connolly. I am so glad I got to see him at Sheffield City Hall. I almost peed my pants...
    "Potatoes of the Night
    Wondering in the night
    What were the chances we'd be sharing love
    Before the night was through…"

  6. Totally agree. Far better than "Strangers InThe night". No that's a classic. I am sure they would ban him today. Thanks.

  7. That was funny. I had an idea "potatoes of the night" might just be however they were cooking them that day. In these days of incredibly high prices it would be wasteful for them to cook a variety of ways and have so much left over when everyone orders the chips.

  8. I am glad you found the video funny River. I even see chips served with a 'Full Irish' breakfast over here.


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