Tuesday 24 October 2023

Another Song About The Wind.

 "Wind Of Change" by the Scorpions is another Rock song with a wind theme.  

It was written/wrote after the fall of the Berlin wall and the probable end of Communism?

This however no longer seems to be the case and there is a war in Europe with Russia and Ukraine.

The Scorpions are one of my favourite Heavy Rock bands from Germany.  

I once saw them at Birmingham NEC and I have seen former members Uli John Roth (Kent 2019) and Michael Schenker(Ballyshannon May/June Bank holiday 2023) in recent times.

I have met German tourists in the Algarve and when they say they come from Germany I have said: "I have seen The Scorpions". They usually reply: "Yah I have heard of them" and normally that's the end of the conversation. 🙂

Not forgetting "Rock You Like A Hurricane". Another hit record for The Scorpions.  Apparently the definition of a hurricane is a wind that is faster than 75 miles per hour.  I never knew that did you?

They are a great band.  Enjoy the song:

Anyone like The Scorpions?


  1. Oddly enough I had never heard of the Scorpions until a few years ago. They're very popular on Greece. In fact I thought they were a Greek band. Don't think I've ever heard their music

  2. They're well worth a good listen to Linda. They formed in 1965 and still tour today.

  3. Pleased you like Wind Of Change Linda. I wish world leaders would listen to this peace song.

  4. Songs by The Scorpions always seem to have a bit of a sting in the tail. I think the whistling worked well in this song. There was such hope in the air between 1989 and 1991 but now the winds of change seem to have turned around and there is a bitter smell in the air...
    "Let your balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say".

  5. Clever pun YP. It sold over 14 million copies. I wonder if there is an electric balalaika?

  6. I know this song and really like it. I thought it was from teenage years but no, 1990! Well after 99 luftballons. (84) History in German music.
    Do people still write songs about events? I wonder...

    1. Hi No Roots. Nena's 99 Red Balloons was another great peace song. American Pie was about the day Buddy Holly died.

  7. My daughter had just been born, that's probably why i remember this amazing song

  8. Heavy Rock is not my thing.

  9. Hi Anonymous. It's amazing how records jog our memories of what was what happening at the time.

  10. I love Heavy and Prog Rock River. Thanks.


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