Tuesday 10 October 2023

"You See Me On The Tv Everynight..."

 I can't believe the news at the moment.  Especially in Israel and Gaza over the weekend.  The killing of the music festival goers really disturbed me.  Regular readers know I love Prog and Heavy Rock festivals in particular.  We all lost two years of our social lives due to Covid and the lockdown.  Then to lose your life enjoying the music and craic.  It's all so sad.

There have been and will be so many innocent lives lost on both sides of the political  geography and all we can do is watch the news or even switch it off.  I pray for peace for all involved in the wars especially in Ukraine and Israel and Gaza..

My mental jukebox began playing in my head.  It's from the nineteen eighties and by one of Lancashire's finest Prog bands: Barclay James Harvest.  Some of the place names have changed and conflicts  have changed but the lyrics still resonate.

So many  innocent children caught up in wars.  


  1. It breaks my heart to see the faces of those children.

  2. Me to Debby They're all innocent.

  3. I saw BJH two or three times in my youth and on this day of all days it was a very appropriate number to share with Northsider fans like me.

  4. I never managed to get to see BJH YP. They're from Delph near Oldham. I once knew a young lass who said one of BJH was her dad's cousin I think? Berlin Concert For The People was a great video and album when the wall came down and they put on a concert for the people. Brilliant band and a poignant song that still resonates today. Universal Soldier - Donovan and Eve Of Destruction- Barry Maguire are also two anti war songs. Incidentally I have seen Donovan and also Barry Maguire. Donovan even walked past me in town a few years ago. He lives in West Cork.

    1. I loved Donovan's songs in his early years and I saw him in concert three or four times. He is now 77 years old.

  5. I saw him at Glastonbury in 1989. Apparently he lives in Mallow, county Cork. "They call me Mallow Yellow".

  6. Fantastic choice. I love BJH and have passed the music onto my eldest daughter (32) who shares the feeling.
    My Dad was born in Oldham (21.3.25-16.8.23) and had the opportunity to work in Israel at the Weizmann Institute. We were there during the 6 day war. Lasting memories as a child and now forever fearful of more wars.

  7. God bless you and your family No Roots. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Centuries of meddling and mess over there when all the ordinary people need and want is peace. I know all the violence is wrong...but there is much shouting about the hundreds of Israeli deaths..and nothing much about the many thousands of Palestinian deaths.
    It just all seems so wrong and sad.

  9. I agree with you GZ. It's so sad and inevitably going to get worse.


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