Sunday 29 October 2023

Talking To The Wind.

 I remember seeing The John Hackett band (Steve's brother!) performing at A New Day Festival in Faversham, Kent in 2022.

They played the King Crimson song "I Talk To The Wind".  It was a very good cover.

King Crimson are one Prog Rock band I would have loved to have seen live.  

I have seen Robert Fripp play with his wife Toyah at Cropredy 2022, Greg Lake with ELP at Manchester Apollo in the late eighties and David Cross at Loreley in Germany in 2017.  But I never saw King Crimson in their entirety.

I can think of another song that refers to the wind for tomorrow.


  1. I love the design of the album cover "In The Court of the Crimson King" and to my eternal shame I admit that I stole that LP from another schoolboy when I was fourteen. If he is reading this now may I say "Sorry!"

  2. Brilliant album and a brilliant LP cover YP. Back in the day when bands made albums with themes and concepts. I think I was born a decade too late.

  3. That's another band I've never listened to either. Don't like their music as much as others you have put on your blog

  4. Fair enough Linda. Thanks for commenting anyway.

  5. When I was in my last years of school, Seals and Crofts came along, and I loved them. They were the first concert I ever went to.

  6. Ah flip. I turned around to say something to Tim and accidently hit publish. They did a song 'Summer Breeze'

    1. I remember the song Debby. A good wind themed song addition. Thanks.

  7. You have certainly been to your share of live music Dave.

  8. Living in the countryside next to the sea TM. I rarely see live music apart from recent annual trips to music festivals in England. But yeah I've seen some great bands.


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