Wednesday 18 October 2023

Halloween Brack Eejit.

 I went weeding and giving a general garden tidy up and cutting back perennials and shrubs and planting flower bulbs for a friend the other day.

Good old wifey had packed me my dinner which consisted of a pie, bottles of water and a slice of Halloween/Samhain brack.

The bracks are traditional in Ireland at Halloween and usually  contained  a variety of objects buried in the bread.  

The contents of the brack could be: a bean, a ring,  a sixpence, a rag, a coin or even a piece of stick...  This worked as a kind of fortune telling game: The ring signified that you would get married in the next year.  The pea meant that you would not marry that year.  The stick meant that you would have an unhappy marriage and have lots of disputes.   The cloth meant you would be poor.  The coin meant you would be rich and have  a good year.  The bean meant your future would be without money.

Any road I was scoffing my slice of bread and I bit a small metal object.  It turned out to be a shiny small ring just big enough to go on my little finger.

When I got home I told my wife that I had found a gold ring in the brack.  She said I was a gonzo and they are not made of gold.  They are novelty items for children.

The residents of Northsider Towers found this hilarious!  Oh well.  


  1. I hope you didn't break a tooth!

  2. No it was in a little bag. Probably plastic JayCee? Biodegradable Probably? Thanks.

  3. A "gonzo"? I believe that Gonzo was in "The Muppet Show" or am I being a muppet?

  4. I thought the Muppets were another name for the Tories YP? A gonzo is better than being called a bollix like they would call a rather stupid person over here.

  5. Like Xmas Pudding then - without the raisins?

  6. You could begin to drag around in a furtive way hissing 'My preciousssssss'. That might be fun.

  7. I could even buy myself a crystal ball Debby.

  8. If my current circumstances are anything to go by, I'm guessing my ancestors got so many beans in their brack the "luck" has become hereditary.

  9. I know what you mean River. I think my family got a lot of cloth in their bracks.


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