Saturday, 16 January 2021

You're Not In Coronation Street..

It's well and truly cabin fever in lockdown Ireland.  You're not supposed to go further than five Kilometres unless you're going to work, visiting a grave,  shopping, going to a wedding or a funeral or you're a farmer who wants to go and look at a cow.  There are some other reasons too.   

So I walked into  the kitchen the other day from the "new" front room.  The wife was putting the crockery in the Welsh Dresser and then she started taking the HP sauce and tomato sauce( they call it " the red sauce" over here) and other condiments off the kitchen table.   I heard myself say:

"We'll be using them again tonight!"

J turned round and said:

" It's not Coronation Street".

Oh dear.  It's going to be a long  long lockdown.  Why does everything have to be moved every day?


  1. Women's names beginning with J - Janice, Jean, Judith, Josephine, Jill, Jacqueline, Juliet, Jasmin? I am assuming that the "J" who turned round was your beloved and not one of your sons. Your West Cork hideaway is veiled in mystery.

  2. Yes you're right YP. It was the missus orone who must be obeyed. I once attempted to rearrange the food cupboard and it was rearranged back to how it was. If I make the bed it is remade. At least my polytunnel is full of organised chaos.😊 Thanks for commenting.

  3. Suggestion: quarantining can be very difficult. Try not to offer up helpful household hints. The blowback can be shocking.

  4. Hell hath no fury on a woman's scorn. I think I will keep away from the coalface of the kitchen.😊 Thanks Debby.

  5. I am on your wife's side here Dave, sorry.I really don't like to see "stuff" left out, just because it will be used again later. The place will start to look like Steptoe's yard! Mind you, Hercules would probably be tidier than some people I know.

  6. Hi JayCee. I don't see what is the point of putting something away that you're going to use again the same day. I would have loved to have gone on some of Hercules travels with him. We could have brought back lots of treasure. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.😊 Thanks JayCee.

  7. I once visited a farm where the table was laid for mother, father and very good-looking son - plates, bowls and cutlery. Three settings where nothing had been moved or washed for weeks. Food had been served, plates wiped with a piece of bread, that was it!
    I thought I'd coped well with walking through the dirtiest kitchen I've ever seen, sat next to the Aga on a filthy chair, with a lamb in a cardboard box at my feet (that at least was excusable!) but I did turn down the offer of a cup of tea!
    It's a slippery slope!!

  8. Flipping heck. I can just imagine it. I must try the piece of bread trick and stop buying washing up liquidπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

  9. It's a comfortable routine and keeps the place looking tidy. Start complaining when she makes you do it!

    Look after Portugal and your better half will look after the house,......or else

  10. Good advice Linda. At least she Hoovers the house when I am in Portugal, my three hooped plastic and steel pal.😊


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