Sunday, 31 January 2021

In Search Of The Rock Goddess.

 I thought I would move on from my favourite Prog bands and do a regular weekly post about my favourite females of Rock.  This will hopefully crossover many Rock genres and you can tell me your favourite Rockstresses.  It will also dismiss the myth that the majority of blog writers are old people. 

My blog friend Yorkshire Pudding said I should climb Hungry Hill and polish my beloved brass Spitfire ornament.  So this very morning I got out the duster and Brasso and began cleaning and singing :"Clean you buttons with Brasso"...

It's  not perfect but it's better.

Moving on but still with a Spitfire theme.  Here's some one with English and Irish blood like myself and I have been mesmerised nay almost worshipped for the last three or four decades.  Who else could it be? May I present: Kate Bush:


  1. The spitfire looks so much better doesn't it? Next job - to trim Kate Bush's bush. Many middle-aged and older blokes seem to be obsessed with her - personally I find that obsession puzzling though I must admit that I have never really sat and listened to any of her albums. Her singing style is rather annoying and "put on".

  2. My friend use to call her Kate's Bush YP. I particularly like Kate's early stuff like Wuthering Heights, WoW, Man With The Child In His Eyes, Hammer Horror..? It pure theatrical and KB is totally original and I can spend many an hour watching and listening to her videos on YouTube. Glad you like shiny Spitfire👍,

  3. I think you and I must be of the similar fine vintage. My favourite song is "Man with the child in his eyes". The lyrics are brilliant, I like that in her earlier songs she performed them rather than just sung them. Maria-Elaine

  4. I'm 57 Maria-Elaine. You have got very good musical taste. I can listen to songs of KB's from over forty years ago and today's music aren't a patch on them. Thanks Maria-Elaine.

  5. I was a fan of hers too. As you say, she was a very talented singer-songwriter and performer, quite unique.

  6. She is quite unique like Madonna or Lady Ga Ga. I think she was born in Bexley Heath? Thanks JayCee.

  7. I've never heard Kate Bush sing though I've heard the name. More music to enjoy

    1. Hi LA. You have a few good hours of Kate Bush listening and viewing. Wuthering Heights is her classic hit. Kate was only 18 when she recorded her masterpiece. Unbelievable! Thanks Linda.


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