Wednesday 23 March 2022

A Frustrating Day Out In County Kerry.

 It's Scorchio down on the Irish Riviera this week.  So we decided to have a run out to Kerry.

We decided the other day that we are not going to Dublin to see Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott.  We paid to see them in Killarney. So we went to Killarney INEC to ask for our money back.  The man in the ticket office said he could not pay us back in CASH even though we had paid CASH for them and he couldn't pay out such a large (88 Euros) amount but he would put it on a bank card and it will be in our account in three to five days.  We were not happy bunnies, would you be? Especially when I was relying on the cash for our day out in Kerry.

With it being such a nice week weather wise.  We drove to Inch beach.  I noticed people sat at the pub/restaurant  beer garden benches eating sandwiches and drinking.  So while I took some photos for the world wide web and all my blogger pals I asked wifey to "get me a jar".  I knew there was no chance of a pint of bitter shandy but a gassy pint of lager would suffice.

I took the photos and wifey came back empty handed and informed me that the pub was CLOSED!

When we walked back to the car we noticed there was a cafe open on the gable corner of the pub building.  The people sat in the beer garden  had been buying food and bottles of water not beer.  

What a week!


  1. I probably told you this before Dave but in 1975, when I was finding my way round Ireland, I put my tent up in the dunes at Inch and slept there for a couple of nights.

    How annoying that you couldn't get your refund there and then.

  2. Yes YP I remember you saying how you caught food in the rock pools at Inch beach.

    It really annoyed me that we had paid cash up front over two years ago and yet they insisted on refunding us with a cash payment. Imagine if we hadn't got a bank card. Very bad service and the concert promoters were very disappointing to switch venues. Thanks.

  3. Refunding us with a CARD payment autocorrect.

  4. Your beaches look rather like beaches in Canterbury NZ; a bit wild, under-populated, well clothed beach-goers. F loves them already.

  5. Yes Tigger. Unspoilt and beautiful. This beach was a film location in Ryan's Daughter. Great scenery even in March.

  6. Those photos are Ireland in March! You lucky Irish-people. Get out and enjoy it all right and next time call in at your German booze place first!!

    We are still shivering here!

  7. Yep LA. The Gulf Stream is here on holiday this week in Ireland. Do you think Aldi or Lidl would get planning permission? Well there is a Lidl in Dingle. We called in a petrol station and bouth one sandwich between us. Last of the big spenders!

  8. .. bought one sandwich between us! More tight wad saving tips.

  9. Yes Rachel one of favourite Irish beaches to visit. Thanks.


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