Tuesday 22 March 2022

A Grumpy Brew.

I like a nice cup of black coffee in the morning brewed in a cafetiere or French press if you live across the pond or Atlantic.

Wifey sat near me and started dishing out our tablet's.  She bought me some Men's Health  Multivitamins.  I quipped about them putting lead in the pencil.  Only I thought it funny.  Never mind!

Then my wife started dishing out Paracetamol tablets.  We both have our aches and pains and somehow the lid off the tablets bottle fell into her cup of coffee and floated on top of the surface.  So she started fishing it out with a pen.  

Noticing a damsel in distress.  I promptly used the arm of my reading glasses to rescue the lid and someone bellowed:

"I don't want your filthy glasses in my brew that's been around your ears.  Bloody hell."

You just can't  help some folk.

Gosh how I wish I had see The White Stripes.


  1. Yep Tigger a good friend but I still manage to wind her up.

  2. You sound a bit like P. He has a cotton hankie in his pocket that he uses for everything. Blowing his nose, wiping his reading glasses, rubbing marks off the windows. I caught him using it to wipe up a coffee spill on the kitchen worktop. Not surprisingly, I used a fair amount of Dettox spray cleaner after that.

  3. Well my middle name is P JayCee. No it's not prat.😊 I often use handkerchiefs to wipe oil off a spark plug or my hands. I never can find any in my drawer Mrs Northsider. P sings from our same hymn sheet. Cheers JayCee.

  4. The White Stripes have murdered that song. Much better by the songwriter himself - Mr Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan). It was on a wonderful album called "Desire". In my humble opinion, you should take the trouble to listen to it.

  5. Lots of singers and bands have put their own take on Bob's song YP. I like The White Stripes because it's different.


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