Saturday 5 March 2022

Digging Out The Homemade Compost For The Veg Plot.

My trusty four prong pike digging out compost for the fish boxes and raised beds and large plant pots raised beds. You can see nettles growing in the compost.  You know the old saying: "Where nettles grow.  Anything grows".  They are so rich in nitrogen and like the legumes ("peas") they put the goodness back into the soil.
I topped up the plastic baths containing my Japanese onions.

We seem to have lots of onions growing at the moment.  I  must find some more fish boxes or even build some wood raised beds?   You don't need to spend money to grow your own vegetables.  You just need to be resourceful like a tight wad gardener like yours truly!

Tuesday was a nice day and I spent the day dead leaving and weeding my many plant pots filled with perennials and shrubs that we have propagated by cuttings and division.  

Then I dug over this years proposed potatoes plot.  I just turned the grass and weeds in to use for a green manure to keep the soil fertile.  Then when I plant the chitted potatoes before Paddy's Day or on it.  I will mulch with fym, seaweed, lawnmower grass clippings and any homemade compost I can find.

You can never have enough homemade compost can you? Don't be taking your green waste to landfill sites and waste transfer stations, compost it!


  1. P has just finished building his new compost bin, using all the old wooden planks and fence posts that he found chucked behind the shed. It looks very smart. Too good to throw garden waste in there!

  2. Photos please JayCee. All those leaves will make great compost.

  3. If you ever have the urge to rename your illustrious blog, may I suggest "Tight Wad". It could become your nickname in West Cork...
    PATRICK Who's dat comin' doon the boreen Paddy?
    PADDY Why dat's Tight Wad from da north side.

  4. Great name YP. Or even the name for a Prog band. Not Aswad. Tight Wad!

  5. Yes. The Polytunnel and Allotments tour 2022.


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