Thursday 31 March 2022

The Village Vicar's Horticultural Show.

 I found this gem on You Tube the other day.  Dick Emery was a comic genius.  Do you not think so?

During  world war 2 he entertained troops as Vera Thin.  I loved his skin head/ bovver boy character: "I think I got it wrong again dad" , Mandy and all his other wonderful characters like Lampwick. 

In today's mad and sometimes sad world such humour would not be considered to be be PC and we would be denied a good laugh and a joke on our television screens.  At least we have good old You Tube to watch our comedy favourites.   

I thought Double Entendre were a Prog Rock band from Paris. 😀

Enjoy the video.


  1. Ooh you are awful.... but I like you (punch on the arm)

  2. Nice pair of melons. I wonder if emery paper was named after Dick Emery? By the way me old cock, I am so glad that my first name isn't Dick.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions YP. Me and my friends were coming back from a Rock festival in Derbyshire and the Police asked for our names and addresses. My mate said: "Richard Head 66 Coronation Street Weatherfield Manchester". The policeman wrote it down and looked puzzled why we were laughing.

    2. That copper is probably a Chief Constable now.

    3. More than likely YP. He looked like Chief Constable material.

  3. Yes Dave, Dick Emery was great.

  4. A comic genius Rachel. I would love to have seen Vera Thin.

  5. Dave - There's a "Friday Funny" I think you will like over at Oddball Observations. Go here:-

    It's the one with Dorothy!

  6. Dorothy likes her Prog Rock YP. Especially Toto and Kansas where she also lived.


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