Sunday 27 March 2022

Rhododendrons In Flower In April.

 The Rhodies seem to flower earlier here on the Gulf Stream in Ireland than they do in Northwest England where I once lived.  It was usually around May when we saw them in all their glory.

Yesterday we went to a village on our peninsula to take flowers to place on my mum's grave for Mother's day.  We also pulled out a few weeds and left it looking tidy again.

We drove through the village and noticed the Rhododendron that always puts on a mighty floral display at this time of year.  It looks quite old and they seem to thrive on the acidic peaty soil here in the south of Ireland.

I think it may be time to visit some large estate gardens like Muckross in Killarney which is free to visit and park and see the magnificent Azaleas and Rhododendrons that originated in Asia.

They are like Oriental Spring brides.  I love this time of year.


  1. How sweet of you to visit your mother's grave - to tidy it up and place flowers there. My own mother has no grave - only the memories of her left behind. Happy Mother's Day Mum!

  2. Thanks for your comment YP. I always think of that song 'Pal of my cradle days.'

  3. The Rhodo is gorgeous. I agree, this time of the year is so full of colour. The wildflowers here are a riot of colour and everything is still so green.

  4. It should be the darling buds of May. But this year it is March.

  5. It is snowing and blowing here, and -9 . Not a flower in sight, although the robins are back.

  6. The Robin's are back like you Debby. Funnily enough Debby I mention Robin's in my next post. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Blighty.


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