Thursday 24 March 2022

Sweet Adare.

 We are enjoying the fabulous Spring weather this week and on Thursday we visited the picture post card town that is  Adare in Limerick.

I have visited Adare before on this blog but anyway here's some pictures of an Irish town that could be in Dorset:

Gerald Griffin Poet lived here.
Sweet Adare poem on a gable of the house where the Poet Gerald Griffin once lived.  He was only 36 when he died.

Thatched cottages like you see in Dorset.  The cars spoil a chocolate box picture. Move the double yellow lines to the other side of the road!

Some nice antiques behind an old sash window.

AIB bank.  The Spring garden is a credit to them.  No pun intended on credit.
Dave's Outpost.  Not me!

Vintage car permanently parked outside a pub.  


  1. Did you spot Dan A'Dare when you were in Adare? Maybe The Mekon too?

  2. I never saw him YP. Just some great architecture and fab gardens.

  3. Great photos and a foot tapping tune.

  4. Thanks Linda. Adare is said to be the prettiest village in Ireland. The thatched cottages were built for the artisan craftsmen who built Adare Manor. It was like being in a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel. Minus of the cars of course.😀 I am glad you like the music and song. I have had lots of views for this post.


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