Wednesday 8 March 2023

A Omelette For My Dinner.

I ate an egg and tomato omelette for my dinner yesterday.  The old hens and ducks are putting on an eggstroidinary  laying performance at the moment.

Dinner is what some people call Lunch.  When you went to school you had Dinner Ladies not Lunch Ladies.   I rest my case.  I don't wish to put all my eggs in one basket!😊

The ducks are quackers and are laying six eggs in the middle of the night.  Whilst the hens lay their eggs at much more godly hours through out the day.

Regular readers will know I have  been  living on Lidl tomato cuppa soups and some homemade bread for my dinners this winter.  

Yesterday however.   Old wifey rustled up us both a spicy egg and tomato omelette.  She used 4 duck eggs.

Apparently they originate in Persia like the carpets.  But the word omelette originates in Franch.

We talked about we once went on a day trip to Boulogne and a Douglas Bader like character met us disembarking the ferry and told us to "get in line" and he Pied Piper like led us to a cafeteria up some side street. He was a really charming well educated man who looked a bit dishevelled (like myself!) and I bought him a drink after a very interesting conversation.  

The proprietor was an elegant middle aged French lady dressed in black also rustled up the best omelette and fries we have ever tasted and I washed it down with a couple of pints of lager.  She wouldn't let us pay until we had finished eating and ordering drinks.  This was my first experience of Continental etiquette.  None of this standing at the bar and paying for your drinks every time.  She gave our leader a complimentary meal and drink for leading us to her cafeteria.

It was a grand day out and yesterday homemade omelette wasn't that bad either.  Cheers ducks and hens!


  1. You may wish to attend to the glaring error in the third paragraph David. Your omelette dinner looks scrumptious... truly scrumptious!

  2. Thanks for the hens (heads) up YP. I must get new reading glasses. I like spicy omelettes.

  3. Well done ducks. I love a decent omelette. They're even curiously tastier in a foreign country washed down with, lager for you, foreign wine for me

  4. Hi Linda. They say the best cooks in the world are French. I can well believe it.

  5. What an eggcellent meal. Looks cracking. Shell we move on?
    As a kid we had dinner at dinner time at school with the dinner ladies, and our tea when we got home. Now I have a lunch at midday and my dinner in the evening. My friend still has her dinner at dinner time and her tea at night.

  6. Eggsactly JayCee. We had breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and supper when I was growing up on the Blighty side of the Irish Sea. There's even Brunch these days.

  7. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and supper. FIVE meals a day? That's a lot of food. It's a good thing you are active and outdoorsy.

  8. I only ear three times a day River. If I am doing physical work I eat more food.

  9. My brother in law is called the humming bird, because he eats frequently and mightily. He's a bean pole though and has always been. He's always doing something.

  10. Your brother in laws got a great nickname Debby. I think some people have hollow legs.


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