Friday 31 March 2023

Spring Flowers.

 I took these in a heavy shower this afternoon.  Apparently the rain is from that French named storm Mathis  - "When a storm is born".

It's supposed to be 18 degrees here next Easter weekend on the Irish Riviera.  Yes and I'm the Lord Mayor of Munster.  We'll see.

Here's a few pics of Spring flowers 💐.

Geranium macrorrhizum.  It's got a gorgeous  perfume aroma.

Ransoms or Wild Garlic.  You can eat them raw in salads.  Like all Alliums they are very good for you and keeping the vampires 🧛‍♀️ away.

Bergenia or "Pig Squeak" or Elephants Ears.  They originate in China 🇨🇳 and Siberia and are tough as old work boots.

Osteospermums or Cape Daisies.  They originate in South Africa.  I grow them from cuttings.  The Geraniums are made by division and cuttings.

What have you got flowering at the moment?

I am hoping to sell some at carboot sales over the Spring and Summer.  Anyone want some cheap perennials?


  1. We have a camellia in full bloom, plus our early dwarf tulips, forsythia, gorse and some red flowering shrub that I know not the name. Pretty though.

    1. Our Camelias flowers are fading JayCee. There's an app called Picture This that you can get on your mobile phone for 20 Euros a year. You just take a photo of the plant you wish to identify and it tells. We love it! Hope Storm Mathis is not visiting you today. We've just had some cold heavy showers and the stove is lit. Shouldn't need a fire when it's nearly April.

    2. JatCee; post a picture online, someone somewhere will tell you what it is.

    3. Thanks River, I am just bout to pop outside and take a photo to post on my blog!

  2. Not a lot flowering, apart from Ribes, the Buffalo Currant....

  3. The Rhibes have a wonderful Spring smell GZ.

  4. Not much is blooming here now, the oleander out front has a few blossoms still and up the road and around the corner there are hollyhocks and Gaura, (butterfly bush) in whites and pinks. Looking out my front door I see roses in a garden across the road and my erigeron (seaside daisies) are also flowering, although less profusely than in spring/summer. My white geranium is also flowering, but not much.

  5. Thanks for telling us what is in flower where you live River.

  6. You should make a commercial of happy customers at Dave's Carboot Plants! Good luck on Easter. We will be (alas) somewhat colder.

  7. I will try and take some shots for you Debby. I wish it was car boot sale day every day!

  8. Did you contact that nice Mr O'Leary from Ryanair yet? Please add a bag of mixed perennials to my order. To boost sales of your perennials at car boot sales may I suggest that you advertise on Red FM? You will need a little jingle....
    Folks, you'll be queuing for hours
    At Dave's Perennial Flowers
    So please bring a crate
    And don't be late.
    Dave will be at the Rathcormac Car Boot Sale this coming Sunday from 8am till late.

  9. Very good. You should advertise Yorkshire Pudding poems for every occasion.


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