Wednesday 1 March 2023

Planting Time For The Onion Sets.

 I like to start off my onion sets in plastic modules.  I fill them with potting compost 3 for the price of 2) and push the sets into the modules.  

They live in the polytunnel for a couple of weeks until they sprout shoots or onion stalks and a lovely white root sock.  

They like their polytunnel bed and breakfast arrangement and I water them regularly.

Today I planted them outside in the terraced house (containers) allotment garden of the veg plot and filled up the module with fresh compost and planted red onion sets.

Underneath the growing module.  See the white roots emerging from the holes?  It's a much better way of starting them off instead of just pushing them into the cold and sometimes very wet soil.

Onion sets sprouting in ye olde polytunnel.  I even took a photo of my wellies.

Tomorrow we will probably sow our tomato 🍅 seeds?  Have you started planting and sowing yet?

You don't need to have a garden or allotment to grow vegetables and container filled with compost or soil will suffice.  

They ("who are they?") say that supermarket vegetables will be in short supply this year.  So why not grow your own?  Or even get some pigs and ducks and hens and  be like other smallholders and raise your own food?  Home grown and home raised food is the best.  


  1. I have also often wondered who "they" are. They say that "they" are spies. My plan is to make as much money as possible from my marijuana crop then I'll be able to buy anything I want.

  2. Just because I am paranoid it doesn't mean they won't get me!
    Do you think they should legalise cannabis and marijuana? In the words of Mrs Merton: " Let's have an heated debate".
    Have you got a bong YP?

    1. Of course I have got a bong. How do you think I became a father!

    2. Crossed wires me thinks Mr Pudding. A home made water pipe contraption like an hookah (not hooker) pipe.

  3. Will you also be advocating changing names to Tom and Barbara? our allotment rules ban livestock - including bees (maybe especially bees). We just set up homes for solitary bees and got hundreds of those instead - rules can't control nature.

  4. We could not afford the property taxes in Surbiton Tigger. Shaftesbury in Dorset would be my choice if I won the lottery. A thatched cottage with a walled kitchen garden and a villa in the Algarve. If the bees die out so will we. Plant flowers in your Potager allotment and the bees will arrive.


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