Thursday 21 December 2023

Bananas, Bananas.

 It was the first time I had been outside Europe last week.  Yes technically the Canaries are Spanish islands and their currency is the Euro like we use in Ireland 🇮🇪. 

Tenerife is about 150 miles *ish* from Africa.  We saw many exotic trees and flowers, walked past banana plantations and even saw bananas 🍌 growing on trees there.  

We bought bananas and they tasted sweet and sugary and nothing like the weeks old ones we eat at home.  Our supermarket bananas are like eating a raw 🥔 potato or parsnip compared to the  Canary ones.  Obviously their sugars have turned to starches?

It was wonderful to see 'real' bananas growing in front of us.


  1. "Yes we have no bananas today"...

    1. Yes, we are very sorry to inform you
      That we are entirely out of the fruit in question
      The afore-mentioned vegetable
      Bearing the cognomen "Banana".

  2. Real bananas. Enjoy them while you can

  3. Yes real bananas Linda. They tasted so different to the ones we buy in the shops and supermarkets. Do they grow in Poros and Greece?

  4. Supermarket bananas are tasteless and crunchy because they are cold-stored while green then gassed to "ripen" them for the supsermarket shelves, but they never have a chance to ripen naturally to develop the sugars and flavour.
    I know a few people who actually think bananas are supposed to be hard and crunchy because that is all they have ever known.

  5. I totally agree River. Vegetables are the same. I see so called Organic vegetables flown in from far off places wrapped in plastic. I would rather see Fresh and Picked Today labels. Makes you wonder how old are the vegetables and fruit we buy in the supermarkets?

  6. That is amazing about the bananas. I had no idea!

  7. Isn't it Debby. In all my sixty years I have never tasted bananas so sweet and tasty.


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