Sunday 31 December 2023

My 2023 Highlights And Disappointments.

 Apart from late May and early June it's been very wet in Ireland and also very windy lately.  

Three Irish music stars:  Sinead O' Connor Christy Dignam (Aslan) and Shane McGowan     ( The Pogues) went to  Heaven.

I reached 60 this year and it's sign of old age when your music heroes and heroines are passing away.

My polytunnel "Portugal" finally gave up the ghost and I sold the metal frame to go towards a new secondhand frame and cover.  Oh what fun four of us had putting on the plastic cover on "

Algarve" my new polytunnel.

🐶 Puppies born.
Pigs 🐷 were born.

🥔 Growing in seaweed.

We went to Donegal to see Michael Schenker and his band and drove into northern Ireland to Dublin and back down to West Cork.

A Rock legend. Ballyshannon Rock Festival.

I was there and they rocked!

Stogursey Castle in Somerset. It could be a Constable oil painting couldn't it just?

I hurt my knee and I also hurt my ankle walking on the hills near us.  

I went to Blighty and visited the village in Somerset and surroundings where Coleridge and the Wordsworths lived.  

The tree where Coleridge, Dorothy and William sat and read out loud their poems.

My friend and your truly did lots of walking and I had blisters on the ball of my feet for weeks.  

Wild camping near Tintern Abbey.  No campsites around.  

We also found out again you can't book hotels, some campsites, buy a drink in some pubs if you don't have a card for your method of payment.  Cash is definitely not king in the South of England.

Slad pub where Laurie Lee drank.

We also went to Newark On Trent to Stonedead Rock festival and we saw several bands including Black Star Riders and I saw Blue Oyster Cult for the second time and over thirty years later.

Blue Oyster Cult.  They didn't disappoint.

Work was hard to find  after August but some how mainly due to our children's and their girlfriends kindness.  We managed to go to Tenerife the week before Christmas.

Lady in red bikini lying gazing at the Atlantic.  She looked so elegant and classy.  A proper lass /senorita.

War in Ukraine and Gaza rattles on I despair at mankinds inhumanity to each other.  

I never thought I would hear the leader of the Opposition praise Mrs Thatcher.  

At least Manchester United won a cup for a change.

I  hope to go on a sun holiday some time next year and see some Prog Rock bands again.

Hope you all have a prosperous 2024.


  1. Nice summary Dave and I wish you and your family all the best in 2024. Happy New Year!

  2. Same to you YP. Thanks for the laughs and I have enjoyed reading your posts and especially your photos.

  3. Quite a year. I hope that 2024 is a good one for you and yours, Dave.

  4. Yes quite a year JayCee . It was a mixed bag but better than the lockdown when we lost 2 years of our lives . Hope 2024 is a great year for you and P.

  5. A good year I would say, lets hope it continues for you in 2024. Happy New Year Dave. Briony

  6. It wasn't so bad Briony. At least I got to England and Tenerife. Happy New Year.

  7. An impressive year. What's in the diary for 24?
    Happy New Year to you and the Irish clan and all of the menagerie. Happiness, health and, newborns, vegetables..

  8. It was a lot better than lockdown Linda. My 24 plans are growing vegetables and perennials and going to a Rock Festival/s, visiting CS Lewis house: The Kilns in Oxford and hopefully go to the Algarve again. What about you? Hope 24 is a great year for you on Poros.

  9. You've had a great year, and I've enjoyed peeking in on it! May 2024 bring just as much joy!

  10. Yep. Keep on rocking in 24 Debby.

  11. It has been a busy year for you and I hope 2024 is more of the same with "Algarve" lasting longer than "Portugal" did.

  12. Thanks River. I hope you have a very prosperous 2024.

  13. Thats great round up. Taking a year as a whole is actually a great way of seeing how far you have travelled in that year - all the achievements. Happy new year to you, the family and all the extended family that share Northsider Towers with you.

  14. Thanks TM. You have done much travelling yourself. I look forward to following your blog and especially reading about your allotment and hopefully Tigger 2. Hope you have a great 24.


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