Tuesday 19 December 2023

Exotic Canary Plants Not Furze and Rushes.

 On the Tuesday we set off walking for the Botanical Gardens in Puerto Del La Cruz.

It was quite hilly walking and very very hot and the wife started to moan about her sore leggy peggies.  But we found the gardens which have been there since the late 1700s.  Admission was 3 Euros each.

Now a days you hear the soft dulcet sounds of bird song and cars unfortunately.  It must of been heavenly when their was just the sound of donkeys and horses and carts carrying people to see the exotic  flora.  

Here's some 📸 for your perusal dear readers:

I noticed how useful leaves are for a mulch and compost to feed the plants.

Pond to die for.  Full of Koi Carp.

I took lots of photos but hopefully you have got a glimpse of what we saw?

I thought the tree fern was a Dickonsia  from New Zealand or Australia but it originates in Africa.

We saw lots of plants and I was in my element.


  1. Sounds like a great garden to visit but why-oh-why didn't you give Jean a piggy back or a fireman's lift when she moaned about her sore feet?

  2. I kept asking her to carry me back to the hotel but she wouldn't. The next garden I visited I took just myself and showed her the pictures YP.

  3. Did the hotel have a wheelchair you could have borrowed? If embarrassed about this, Jean could have worn a balaclava and sunglasses - a fashionable look in Ireland in the nineteen seventies.

    1. Now it's knitting season on the Irish Riviera. Perhaps she could knit me a balaclava instead of baby cardigans? United colours of course.

    2. Which United? Scunthorpe United? Who put the thorpe in Scunthorpe?

    3. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company United YP.

    4. Rotherham United also play in red and white.

    5. Indeed they do YP. When LYRC changed their name from Newton Heath to MUFC in 1902 they changed their team strip to red black and white.

  4. A lovely day for you among exotic plants. Hope those peggies were ok the next day

  5. We walked every day Linda. So different than living here when it's raining and windy.

  6. "must of"? nonono. it is "must have (must've)" please.
    Love the koi pond.

  7. Glad you like the Koi pond River and thanks for telling me about my typo mistake.


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