Tuesday 26 December 2023

Tenerife Indian Food.

 One night in Tenerife we found an Indian takeaway the and restaurant and one night we went for a meal to take back with us to the hotel.  We had a pint or two whilst our onion bhajis and shish kebab starters were made.

Next day we went back and had a meal sat outside the restaurant in the brilliant December sunshine:

Here's what we ate.  Onion bhajis and shish kebabs.  I didn't see Donna kebab.  It must of been her day off.  Anyone love Indian food? I love it!  The meal with drinks was only 39 Euros.
See the price of a pint of lager?


  1. Good prices for good food. About the same here.
    Haven't had indian in years.

  2. Very reasonable Linda. Especially the beer. Do you have Indian restaurants and takeaways on your island?

  3. I am glad to see that Tenerife still has reasonable prices. It was dirt cheap to eat in the local places when we were there in the early 80s.

  4. Yes it's very cheap like the Algarve JayCee and guaranteed sunshine thrown in. The weather is awful here.

  5. I love Indian food - Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Sri Lankan food too! If I buy a takeaway for the two of us in Sheffield it will usually cost me less than twenty quid.

    1. Yes I love Bangladeshi food especially YP. We eat it every week and either it's takeaway or we make it ourselves.

  6. I have never had Indian food yet there is a restaurant within walking distance of my home. They do takeaways so maybe I will get some next year and eat at home where I can toss it if I don't like it without offending anyone.

  7. You're probably better off trying the starters first River. Onion bhajis are our favourite. We have never mastered the art of making them taste like they make them. It's hard to buy fresh spices.

  8. We have a stall that sells fresh spices right here in our Central Market, I love walking past and smelling them.

  9. Me too River. They're amazing aren't they?


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