Wednesday 20 December 2023

Tenerife Outdoor Christmassy Decorations.

 I often think when I see people's houses decorated with lit up snowmen and Rudolf and Christmas lights and decorations:

" Do these people have shares in the electricity companies?"

It was nice to see these sensible Christmassy decorations on buildings in Tenerife:

Canarian restaurant with 3 Kings statues.

Nativity banner displaying the baby Jesus.

I found them to be very sensible and not ott.  What do you think dear readers?


  1. Around our area it is like Blackpool Illuminations right now. Although someone can afford to pay an electricity bill, should they be allowed to squander electricity?

  2. Blackpool Illuminations is a very good description and you ask a very good question YP. I wish more money was spent on cats eyes and lights on rural roads and pavements like towns and villages have.

  3. We have minimal this year because the old and new mayor are fighting over the festivities. Handover to the new mayor is in a few days. I do like your minimal photos but I hope the centre of town has a few lights and baubles . We all need some cheery Santa's and flashing lights just now

  4. It's rich coming from me a carboot sale clutter collector Linda. But I do agree a MINIMAL amount of Christmas decorations do look good rather than Santa's grotto or a fairground.

  5. Here in my city each year there is a competition for who has the best Christmas Lights display, the winner this year had so many lights and things you could barely see the house and garden. He won last year too. I saw the display on the TV news and thought it was way too much, impressive, but too too much. I'd hate to get his electric bill. There were other simpler displays that I liked much better.

  6. They can be a bit show off River. We haven't even bothered with a Christmas tree this year.


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