Tuesday, 5 July 2022

A Walk Along Probably The Most Scenic And Newest Greenways In Ireland.

a walk along tarmac.

Underneath the arches of the bridge. 
An old castle.
We thought why don't they paint a white line lane  for cyclists?

 A little bird ot the old Tinternet and T'web informed me that a new Greenway had partly opened from Fenit to Spa in County Kerry less than a fortnight ago.

Regular readers will remember I have featured Kerry Cricket Club at Spa and Fenit before.  It's on the other side of Tralee Bay across from Camp, Castlegregory and the road to the Conor Pass and on to Dingle.

We found the newly tarmaced Greenway just outside of Spa and wifey dropped me off and carried on to Fenit for nosebag for us both. 

The Greenway is the repurposed railway line from Fenit to Tralee.  It's  tarmaced and already very well used by walkers and cyclists of all ages.  They haven't even got round to putting any signs yet.

For me the best thing I like about Greenways is there are no big hills to climb.  The sea views are spectacular and here are some photos for your perusal:

An old boarded up and abandoned station building,  It would make a great bunk house or cafe or bar?🤔

An old train station converted into a dwelling.
Looming over to Camp and Castlegregory and beyond.
Wonderful scenic views.

A bridge with walkers in the distance. 
A pub and watering hole in Fenit. Below Fenit beach.

It really is worth visiting and eventually people will be able to get off the train or coach at Tralee railway and bus station and walk or cycle all the way to Fenit.  


  1. Great photos of the walk Dave. Looks a bit different to the normal bogs and moorland I associate with your walks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That bike was far too big for the little man in the fifth picture.

    1. Perhaps it's for Leprechaun cyclists YP?

  3. Wow. How beautiful! And you are right...something grand could happen with that boarded up building.

  4. Thanks Rachel. Rural Ireland is very beautiful.

  5. Those old railway buildings could be brought back to life Debby. There is also the potential for campsites in the adjoining fields.

  6. You have some lovely walkways. Wonderful photos of your beloved part of Ireland

  7. It's a perfect repurpose for decommissioned railways. One near where lived in UK had been a double line and was repurposed as a dedicated bus route along with the cycling and walking. It's a brilliant bus route right through the heart of suburbia with no traffic jams (and a damned fine cycle route too).

  8. We do Linda. Kerry is called the Kingdom and it's clear to see why. I love the place.

  9. Sounds very good Tigger. A safe place for kids and adults to cycle or walk and respect for the people who made the railways.


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