Sunday, 3 July 2022

Two Oriental Stone (ish)Vases From The Charity Shop.

 I found two Oriental vases for sale in a charity shop the other day.  I think they are made of real concrete or reconstituted stone.  A modern term for things made out of cement and stone. Well I hadn't bought anything for two weeks.

Any road or any way.  I like them and they will live with my other Japanese and Chinese charity shop/carboot sales find.  I paid two Euros for them.  

We are on the look out for some artificial flowers to place in the vases.  It would be good if I could find some Chrysanthemums. They are the official flower of Japan.

More carboot treasure in another post.


  1. If you grew bamboo in your garden you could put some in those vases.
    They are a lovely shape.

  2. We have bamboo in the garden JayCee. I also have some in pots. People in cities often grow it for privacy screening or hedging.

  3. Another great find. I wonder why one vase is darker than the other one. Maybe one lived inside and the other one was placed outside.

  4. Thanks YP. I thought the same that one had probably lived outside. They are heavy and we like them. Thanks.

  5. They look like they have a good texture to them. I think they will look great with something in them.

  6. A good texture is a good description Rachel. They are unusual and we like them and I agree they some dry flowers or something. Thanks.

  7. I like them as well. You find great treasures. A man down the street was cleaning out a storage shed. He was placing things in his yard with a free sign. He had two finely detailed ducks, one preening, another looking straight ahead, about a foot high each. I walked back down and got them and had a nice conversation with him and his little dog. All of it for free.

    1. Thanks Debby. Sounds like we both are good at finding treasure. Thanks.


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