Thursday 14 July 2022

Lions, Witches And Wardrobes Inspired Prog Rock?

 Regular readers of my blog will know I love Prog Rock.  Bands like Kansas and early Genesis and other bands wrote concept albums and played songs over twelve minute long and wrote about fantasy and elves and Xanadu (Rush) and Stairways to Heaven (Led Zep) and so on.

I am going to a famous music festival in August and finally getting to see one of my Prog Rock heroes Steve Hackett. A founding member of Prog Rock royalty: Genesis.

I have been listening to him since my late teens.  I have been going through his tracks and found this cracker again yesterday.

It features Steve Walsh (vocals) and Phil Ehart (drums) from Kansas and Steve Hackett.  I saw the two Kansas lads play in 2014.  So in the following song we have an English/American super Prog Rock group.  CS Lewis inspired the song.  Enjoy:


  1. Darn... wish I wasn't so deaf.
    I know you have missed your gigs and I'm sure you will have a really great time.

  2. Sorry about that JayCee. It's a roughing it holiday in a tent, real ale and Prog and Folk music and lots of walking and visiting literary places and old churches... I am sixty next year and still going to music festivals.

  3. May I ask Dave - Are you going to the Cropredy Festival?

    1. Yes YP and A New Day Festival again. Thanks for asking.

  4. Hope you get great festival weather and really enjoy it. Age had nothing to do eith enjoying that vibe.

  5. Thanks Tigger. I find my Rock heroes are all getting old and their audience are middle aged and older. A bit like the majority of people who write blogs.


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