Sunday, 24 July 2022

A Walk In The Rain With The English Lady And The Knight.

 I walked six miles on Thursday and another six miles yesterday.  Yesterday was a day of downpours and I donned my waterproofs and set off along the road that leads to the hills over looking Bantry and Dunmanus Bay.

The road is very dangerous and cars speed past at 80km.  The hedgerows and verges are vastly overgrown in places  and I had four close misses from passing cars and was glad to leave the main road and walk up the boreens that lead up to the top where you can see the bays.  It was very misty and it felt like I was in the clouds.

I often listen to music on Spotify on my mobile phone while I am walking for company and helps me forget about the hills and the relentless rain.

I had been listening to Steve Hackett and Clannad who I will be seeing in a couple of weeks and a song came on by Loreena Mckennitt.  She is Canadian and very much in the style of Clannad or their sister Enya.  I have never heard of Loreena Mckennitt before.  I think the following song amazing.  

I got home and I was saturated.  Even my boots had water in them.  I don't know why they say things are waterproof and my clothes were saturated in sweat caused by my waterproofs sauna.

At least I found a brilliant new artist to listen to on my walks.


  1. I admire you for braving both the soaking and the dodgem cars.
    I was too much of a wimp to venture outside in yesterday's horrible drenching rain.

  2. Thanks Jaycee. "We Gott a Ge Out Of This Place" comes to mind. Walking in the rain is a good cure for cabin fever. Didn't see a soul, only some sheep. They looked amazed to see me.

  3. What a beautiful song and a beautiful, evocative voice - honouring the Celtic tradition. Loreena McKennitt is sixty five. I must admit that I had never heard of her before but she has sold more than 14 million records worldwide.

  4. Indeed she does a beautiful, evocative and Celtic voice YP. I only discovered Loreena by chance by listening to a Spotify selection yesterday. I would put up there with Clannad and Enya. They are great soundtrack whilst walking the Emerald isle. Thanks.

  5. Sorry for the typos. My cheap Lidl reading glasses are not the best.

  6. I suppose what keeps water out also keeps it in...

  7. Good point. You can buy expensive hiking t shirts and waterproofs will ventilation holes to let out perspiration. But being a tight wad I always go for cheaper options and duly pay the price for it. It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and there was nothing that would of stopped the rain filling my boots. Like my dear old mother use to say: What can you do when your shoes let water in?" Thanks Tom.

  8. I got a good drenching yesterday,myself. It was sweat though.

  9. I had a sweat bath walking in my waterproofs on Saturday Debby.


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