Monday 18 July 2022

A Walk On Our Peninsula In Between The Bays.

 I went for a walk where we live the other day.  It's far from the madding crowds and it's a hilly walk that is good for the body and also the soul.  

I met a few fellow walkers and cyclists on my saunter.  They all smiled and said: "Hi and Hello."

We live in the countryside next to the sea.  Well in fact we live between two bays.  The weather is unbelievable for Ireland at the moment.  It's supposed to be the hottest Summer in 200 years.  Will people finally realize that global warming is real?  We are going have to ditch the car and do more walking and cycling me thinks? My phone told me I had walked over 10000 steps.  So that's five miles at least on a very hot and sticky afternoon walking in the Irish Riviera.

Did you see Amyl and the Sniffers at Glastonbury? I think they are brill and are a Punk band from Melbourne in Australia.  The lady lead singer wrote Hertz when we she was in lockdown like the rest of us and we lost 2 years of our freedom.  The lyrics" I wanna go to the country" really resonate with me and are a fitting sound track for this post.  Enjoy and get out walking in the countryside or near the sea this week if you can?



  1. It is not so hot here today. I think the Irish Sea is acting as our air cooler.
    Just think how much hotter you would feel surrounded by concrete and buildings instead of your glorious countryside and sea air!

    1. 26 degrees here in the west JayCee. Beautiful isn't it?

  2. We love that photo with bracken and reeds - great contrasts. Your peninsular looks and sounds very attractive right now.

  3. There is bamboo growing behind the bracken Tigger. It's nice when it's not blowing a gale or raining.

  4. I might go for a little walk this evening - after 8pm because it is 28 degrees at 9am and scheduled to rise to 41 degrees in the afternoon. Walking in this heat is not sensible. However..."Pat,pat,pat!" well done for completing your long ramble yesterday.

  5. Gosh! I once visited Seville in April and it was 33 degrees and we visited Krakow in August and it was 36 degrees. 41 degrees sounds volcanic. I went on my saunter one day last week when it was much cooler. Thanks.


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